i-Socket Autoswitch FAQs

If your i-Socket Autoswitch is staying on longer than 7 seconds, check the power cords to make sure the TOOL and VAC inputs are not reversed.

The most common reason for a non-working i-Socket is related to the actuation threshold (which is the minimum amount of current that the tool must draw in order to turn the vac port on). The i-Socket Classic has an actuation threshold of about ~0.7 amps (roughly 85 watts) so there has to be at least this much current flowing to the tool before the vac port will turn on.
Alternatively, the i-Socket Plus and i-Socket Workshop have lower actuation thresholds of ~0.5 amps (roughly 65 watts).

A simple way to test this would be to plug a power strip into the tool port and then plug in a light fixture or second tool in to the power strip. Run them at the same time so you are sure that the current draw is above ~0.7 amps. With them on at the same time, the vac port should turn on. If this does not work, please fill out the Warranty Repair Form on the Warranty page.

If you have our WORKSHOP Autoswitch, the most common reason for a non-functioning unit is having the Mode Switch in the incorrect position. Make sure the Mode Switch is in the AUTO position, and the vacuum power is in the ON position. Please refer to our instructions for the proper mode position. Also, make sure your tool is drawing at least 65 watts. The i-Socket Workshop actuation threshold is ~.5 amps (roughly 65 watts). Refer to the paragraph above for testing.

If your WORKSHOP Autoswitch still does not function properly, contact Customer Service.

All models of the i-Socket Autoswitch are warranted for 90-days against manufactures defects. Warranties are easily extended to 12 months from the date of purchase by registering the unit on our warranty page.

In order for us to proceed with testing, we will need the name of the retailer and date when you purchased your i-Socket. In addition, we will need the LOT NUMBER of your unit (a four-digit number on the back of the unit—printed on a white sticker, or stamped into the plastic case).

Please fill out the online Warranty Repair Form on the Warranty page. You may be asked to send the unit to our testing facility prior to receiving a replacement.

NOTE: DGC Products, Inc. reserves the right to refund or replace any product found defective within the warranty period.

Yes. Use a power strip to saws. It is possible to use a power strip plugged into the tool port, with several tools plugged into the power strip. However, keep in mind that the i-Socket Autoswitch is just a switch—it does not change the electrical characteristics of the tools or of the electrical circuit used.

NOTE: Only one power tool at a time should be triggered/operated. Multiple tools pulling current through the i-Socket on the same circuit, along with a large dust vac, will most likely damage the i-Socket Autoswitch and exceed the current limitations of the circuit, causing the breaker to trip.

The i-Socket AutoSwitch is rated at 15 amps. Please refer to your specific tool and accessory specifications for maximum amperage ratings.